Women Smoking Cigars - Cigar Smoking Etiquette 101

Basic courtesy rules about cigar smoking apply to everyone, cigar smoking men and cigar smoking women alike, and are reasonably commonsensical.
Don't leave a trail of messy ashes or bad aromas in your wake.
As a woman exert your self-confidence in your personal cigar choices not to be intimidated if someone (usually a guy) tells you that you're "doing it wrong". Only you know best how you prefer to hold, cut, light or smoke a cigar, and what you like to smoke.
And if you didn't ask for help, you are not obliged to accept it.
Cigars are in plain speak - referred to as "Cigar Speak" and they seem to have quite a bit of mystique surrounding the cigar and the ritual of smoking. This can be part of the enjoyment - once you're an initiated member of the club.

"Restricting the privilege of enjoying a smoke to men is a relatively recent historical trend, and one which seems to be fading in popularity as more women - and men - realize that the pleasures of tobacco belong rightfully to both sexes. Ladies smoking cigars or men smoking cigars."

Cigar 101 for Women:

Choosing your cigar is like choosing your favorite wine. Cigars have distinctly different tastes and aftertastes. Some cigars are mild and smooth, or even sweet. Other cigars are moderate in strength, and some are very strong indeed. Do not confuse strength with fullness or complexity of flavor. A mild cigar may be full flavored, and conversely, a strong and harsh cigar with a powerful, lingering aftertaste (sometimes known as "ashtray mouth") may be lacking in flavor.

Ask your tobacconist or check with your online cigar store, which cigars are the mildest in strength while still offering enough body and flavor to be enjoyable. Recommended brands for the beginner are Davidoff, Don Diego, Macanudo and Royal Butera Vintage.

Storing your Cigars without a proper humidor - you should buy no more than a few day's supply of stogies at a time, and keep what you do buy tightly sealed in an airtight container such as a plastic bag at moderate room temperature.

Why the panic with humidification? The basic ingredient that gives cigar smoke its taste is the aromatic oil in the tobacco leaf. If the cigar gets too dry, it can lose those precious volatile oils along with its water content, making the cigar burn too quickly and become too hot. Too much humidity can swell and split the cigar, creating a soggy stogie! A delicate balance must be reached between too little humidity and too much. The right humidity allows a good cigar to burn just right.

Ok, my sisters the "Women Smoking Cigars" - Now that we know how to choose and store our cigars, light up!

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