Women, Cigars and Lipstick-Stained Stogies

"Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar." - Sigmund Freud

Well, Mr. Freud...

I beg to differ with you!

A cigar may be "just a cigar" to you...but to an Aficionado who smokes his/her cigar as though he was making love and honoring every moment of the cigar's life - the cigar's draw, the cigar's taste and the history of its maker is respected. Trust me, a cigar is not just a cigar!

There is a small sense of distaste with cigar smoking, and an element of "what the hell is the big deal" associated with the old boy's club - and I speak with experience - a man who is not attracted to the rituals of the cigar and the cigar's exclusive culture, may resent a Cigar Aficionado and his portfolio. He may be intimidated by the Cigar Aficionado's ultra exclusive taste for the finer things in life. He may even rely upon the health issue, and would argue cigar smoking is a burden on society, and participate in the efforts by the Powers that Be, to curb the cigar smoker's enthusiasm. Boo!

Now, here's my take on that whole scenario - I ask - would the above described view be compromised if the stogie was lipstick stained? I'm sorry, but a "man is a man", and a woman puffing on a Partagas Cifuente (my favorite cigar right now), is an act of sexual stimulation that can not be ignored and is an attraction getter. On the flip side, a man who straddles a robusto between his finger tips portrays the traditional symbol of success, celebration and achievement - rocks my world!

And we all know, the Cigar, Women who Smoke Cigars, and the Men who Love Them, is what the resurgence of the cigar culture and my blog is all about - in honor of the insecurities held by the man who feels the need to rescue us all from the big bad cigar boogie man, I leave the Lipstick Stained, Stogie Smoking for your enjoyment!

Dedicated to the One I Love!

The Forbidden History