The Forbidden History of Unpopular People

Why Free Speech is Worth the Price

In episode #1 of the ‘Forbidden History’ trilogy Topher takes a stand on freedom of speech, using some of history’s most unpopular people to show that free speech is worth it, no matter what the price.

Watch and share this video far and wide! The more Australians come to understand and value their freedoms, the more likely we are to keep them.

The Forbidden History of Terrible Taxes

Counting the Cost of Government

In episode #2 of the ‘Forbidden History’ trilogy (Fundraising now!) Topher looks at some of history’s most ridiculous taxes, examines exactly how much tax a working Australian can expect to pay and asks the question “Have we learned from history or are we repeating it?”

The Forbidden History of Gargantuan Government

The Bodycount of Bureaucracy

In episode #3 of the ‘Forbidden History’ trilogy (Fundraising now!) Topher reveals one of the biggest killers of the last 150 years: Government. When governments get too big they can do terrible things, but how big is too big? What’s the ‘right’ size and how do ‘we the people’ keep our government serving us, and not the other way around?

Episodes #2 and #3 are joint-fundraising now! Click on the ‘Episode #2′ information and fundraising link for more info!